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Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors, a Broadway rock musical of the 1980s, took the theatre scene in Europe and the States by storm; it was later put onto the big screens. In 2002, the legendary Rupert Chan again adapted it for the stage of Chung Ying Theatre Company, where it remains a prized treasure. 

In the rundown Skid Row, there is an inconspicuous, timeworn florist. A wide-eyed boy, who could often be found at the shop, is eager to grow a new flower variety to make money and capture a girl’s attention. During a solar eclipse, he sees an unusual new flower variety with vibrant petals, vigorous growth, and impressive blooms. This new addition became the centre of attention for Skid Row and the boy, so much that even his crush is noticing him. Yet, an ominous tale lies beyond: could Skid Row face what’s to come when the plant fully blooms? 

After two decades, Chung Ying Theatre Company again presents Little Shop of Horrors, featuring new actors as well as a clever mix of art and technology that draws the audience into a dark tale around an unusual, deadly flower. The new edition will surely take the thrill and dark humour to a next level, leaving audiences more stunned and grippling at their seats than the original.


20, 26-27^/10/2024
^This is an Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese).


15-19, 25-26/10/2024

Cast+ Yuen Ho Yeung, Bubbles Man
26-27/10 3pm
15, 17, 19/10 8pm

Cast# Edwin Wan, Kay Choi
20/10 3pm
16, 18, 25-26/10 8pm

Advance Booking Period: 5/4/2024 10:00am - 31/5/2024 11:59pm

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Main Stage Productions: Land for a Land; Little Shop of Horrors; Homecoming; She, The Boxer. 
Black Box Theatre Production: About the time when I faced a crisis in my artistic career and accidentally became the hero who saved the 45th anniversary performacne

50% discount: Full-time Students / Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above / Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients / People with Disabilities & the Minder (with quota)

Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre
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$420, $340, $260, $180
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Creative Crew
Book and Lyrics
Howard Ashman
Alan Menken
Adaptation and Cantonese Lyrics
Rupert Chan
Music Director
Phoebus Chan
Edmond Lo
Singing Coach
Gladys Ho
Frankie Ho
Set Designer
Jan Wong
Costume Designer
Ainsley So
Lighting Designer
Bert Wong
Video Designer
Oliver Shing