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Lau Chung Hin

Lau Chung Hin has joined Chung Ying as a full-time actor since 2019. He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) Degree in acting. 

While at the Academy, he received The Director’s Award. His works in the Academy include Three Sisters, Le Malentendu, The Threepenny Opera, The Seagull, Musical: Pippin, Academy Opera: Semele, Who’s Afraid of Lord of Flies.

Professionally trained as a musician since a young age, Lau often played musically related roles in various productions, positions include assistant to music director in The Threepenny Opera, live musician in The Seagull, pianist in Three Sisters etc.

After graduation, he travelled to the Odin Teatret to engage in advanced studies in acting. Other theatre productions include Alice in Wonder Tour 2018, as composer and music director, The Parasite, as live musician. He also interned and appeared in Chung Ying’s the Government Inspector – the Musical during his study.

When I pour it all out on stage, I am confident that I can touch the audience's heartstrings.
Lau Chung Hin has joined Chung Ying as a full-time actor since 2019.

His recent works in Chung Ying include A Tale of Two Cities: Blood for Blood, The Miracles of the Namiya General Store (Re-run and 3rd Run), Man of La Mancha, Pride and Prejudice and All My Life I Shall Remember.

Previous Productions
Man of La Mancha
公爵 / 卡拉斯高 / 明鏡騎士