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Twelfth Night
Coming to know each other in confusion and disillusion A sweet overturn of the Tang Dynasty

Love is earth-shattering; love is passion. Love is like a cloud that cannot be pinned down. One misstep will make them get lost in this game of love.

The Shek twins Ba-ting and Wai-lan were shipwrecked off the coast of Guangzhou. Wai-lan is rescued. Alone in a foreign land, she disguises herself as a young man and enters the service of the provincial governor. Fate plays a joke on her as the governor orders her to help him woo the wealthy Lady Ngok Luk-hua. Wai-lan duly acts as an intermediary between the two. To her surprise, her cheerful and optimistic manner makes Luk-hua's heart bump like a fawn and fall for her. 

In the meantime, Wai-lan falls for her master, the governor, instead. Yet her identity sets her at odds, and how can she reveal her true identity? The intricate love triangle comes to an overturn when the twin brother Ba-ting suddenly shows up.

Twelfth Night is a Chinese adaptation of Shakespeare's eponymous play by the late famous translator and playwright Rupert Chan in the 1980s. With his witty proficiency in and sarcastically expressive use of the Chinese language, he utterly changes the setting to Guangzhou in the Tang Dynasty. The play not only showcases the playwright's profound mastery of literature but is also hailed as an essential mark in the history of Hong Kong drama. 

Following the success of Pride and Prejudice, Chung Ying has invited Ceri Sherlock, former Dean of the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, to direct and interpret Rupert's works again. Often, flowery love that is confusing and hard to tell between genuine and fake is the most unforgettable.



6-7, 13-14^/4/2024
^This is an Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese)


5-6, 10-13/4/2024

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
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Creative Crew
William Shakespeare
Rupert Chan
Ceri Sherlock
Set and Costume Designer
Yoki Lai
Lighting Designer
Samuel Chan
Composer and Music Arrangement
Jason Kong
Sound Designer
Chan Wing Kit
Live Music
Wong Yat Yin, John Ho, Kay Xiang