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Land for A Land

In 1993, Chung Ying Theatre Company invited British theatre director Gerry Flanagan to Hong Kong to lead a troupe of vibrant and talented actors in a fantasy tragic comedy, Don’t Let Go! – an entertaining tale illustrating the clash of big cities and small towns with an underlying message about the urban-rural divide. 

In 2024, a clear distinction between urban and rural no longer exists in our fast-changing city. Director Ata Wong Chun-Tat picks up the Don’t Let Go script and goes on a journey with a troupe of vibrant resident actors passionate about everything in life. 

They leave the concrete jungle in search of paradise. But as history, humanitarian regimes and culture unravel, does our home – the land upon we live – belong to us, or to organisations, the government, or the country? How should we process the attachment and reliance we project onto where we grew up and the land we call home? In the 2024 version, we use illustrious body language to tell a 21st century fantasy tragic comedy set between the city and the countryside. 


24-25, 31/8/2024, 1^/9/2024
^This is an Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese).


23-24, 28-31/8/2024

Advance Booking Period: 5/4/2024 10:00am - 31/5/2024 11:59pm

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Main Stage Productions: Land for a Land; Little Shop of Horrors; Homecoming; She, The Boxer. 
Black Box Theatre Production: About the time when I faced a crisis in my artistic career and accidentally became the hero who saved the 45th anniversary performacne

50% discount: Full-time Students / Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above / Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients / People with Disabilities & the Minder (with quota)

Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall
Ticket Price
$340, $220
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Creative Crew
Ata Wong
Set Designer
Bill Cheung
Costume Designer
Lola Clavel
Lighting Designer
Jit Lam
Sound Designer
Ha Yan Pui