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About the time when I faced a crisis in my artistic career and accidentally became the hero who saved the 45th anniversary performance

7 days until showtime. At Borrett Road, Chung Ying Theatre Company. Rehearsal room? Ready! Actors? Ready!  Backstage crew? Ready! Director? Missing! 
Feeling lost for a solution, the troupe of anxious actors decided to rise out of the situation as a team by creating a play that would blow the audience away! They have definitely done that, but what's the outcome? As the big day creeps closer, how will these actors save themselves?
Comedy has long been the hallmark of Chung Ying Theatre Company. This time, we pay tribute to the Company’s 45 years of theatrical legacy in the most eye-opening way that will surely leave mouths agape. When the imaginative troupe’s creative gears are in overdrive, belly-clenching laughter is ensured. 
This show kicks off Chung Ying’s 45th season. Written, directed and performed by resident members, the Ensemble brings together the strengths of Chung Ying, alongside a tacit understanding that has been cultivated over a long period of time, plus a strong collaboration between front and backstage crews.  These became the core, distinguishable ingredients of the Ensemble unique to us.





Advance Booking Period: 5/4/2024 10:00am - 31/5/2024 11:59pm

Chung Ying "Energy Fun Club" members:

 • 15% discount for booking 1 Main Stage Production
 • 20% discount for booking 2 Main Stage Production
 • 25% discount for booking 3 Main Stage Production
 • 30% discount for booking 4 Main Stage Production
 • 10% discount for booking Black Box Theatre production

Non Chung Ying "Energy Fun Club" members: 
10% discount for booking 2-4 Main Stage Productions

Main Stage Productions: Land for a Land; Little Shop of Horrors; Homecoming; She, The Boxer. 
Black Box Theatre Production: About the time when I faced a crisis in my artistic career and accidentally became the hero who saved the 45th anniversary performacne

50% discount: Full-time Students / Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above / Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients / People with Disabilities & the Minder (with quota)

The Box, Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District
Ticket Price
$340, $220
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Special Discount
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Creative Crew
Liu Kwok Yiu, Bubbles Man, Ray So
Edmond Lo
Assistant Director
Christmas Lam
Set Designer
Tracy Giu
Costume Designer
Cheryl Ching
Lighting Design
Rachel Ip
Sound Designer
Fung Chin Lung
Director of Videography
Lau Yuk Shing
Theme Music Composer
Lau Chung Hin
Lo Wing