Resident Teaching Artist
Isaac Siu

Isaac is a Senior Resident Teaching Artist at Chung Ying Theatre Company. He earned a Master's Degree in Education (Drama Education) from Trinity College Dublin and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts (Hons) in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University. 

For over 15 years, Isaac has been advancing his career in drama education and course design. He is devoted to teacher training, specifically applying drama education within the curriculum. He has also orchestrated a variety of drama courses for primary and secondary schools, covering both language learning and issue-based learning. 

I always hope to continue "outreach" - to reach out more different communities, and bring forth change through drama.
Isaac joined Chung Ying Theatre Company as Resident Teaching Artist in 2013.

As a playwright and director, Isaac is dedicated to the fields of applied theatre, which encompasses community theatre, and historical conservation. Among his works are the Community Oral History Theatre Project sponsored by LCSD and the Jockey Club "Once Under the Lion Rock" Oral History Theatre Program.