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Every generation is met with its own challenges. In the 60s, Uncle Chun moved to Hong Kong to pursue his dreams. Three decades later, his eldest son, Tak, relocated to Canada while his youngest remained in Hong Kong, and Uncle Chun returned to his hometown to live out the rest of his retirement. The trio found homes in three separate cities. In 2030, Tak, retiring and divorced, returned to Hong Kong, where his son seeks his future.  Aside from paying a visit to his brother, Tak is also tasked with a mission from his ex-wife. 

The play visualises the past via the lens of the 21st century. Once upon a time, those eager to make a good living found themselves in Hong Kong. At retirement, many of them returned to their hometowns in search of their roots. But for their descendants who were born and raised in Hong Kong, is returning to the city not – in itself – a search for one’s roots? 

30 years ago, Cheung Tat-Ming wrote for Chung Ying Far Way Home – a comedic portrayal of separated families that took home the first Hong Kong Drama Awards’ Best Script recognition. Three decades later today, revered theatre practitioner Elton Lau puts an end to this family’s unfinished business through a vision of the future. Chung Ying invited the old cast and members to put on a cross-generational performance of Far Way Home for the first part of the show, followed by the final ending for the search of home in the second half. 


19, 25-26^/1/2025
^This is an Accessible Performance with Audio Description (Cantonese).


18, 23-25/1/2025

Advance Booking Period: 5/4/2024 10:00am - 31/5/2024 11:59pm

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Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre
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Creative Crew
Script Advisor
Cheung Tat Ming
Elton Lau
Dominic Cheung, Edmond Lo