Brand Story

In the 1970s, British theatre practitioner Peter Day arrived in Hong Kong and observed the shortcomings of the theatre scene at that time. With the support of the British Council, he founded Chung Ying Theatre Company (Chung Ying). From a six-month pilot project, Chung Ying gradually flourished to become one of the city’s nine major art groups. In the past 45 years, Chung Ying has upheld its pioneering values of connecting not only with its audiences but also with the community as a whole; as a result, it has placed equal emphasis on stage performance and educational outreach with aims that the power of theatre can foster strong community bonds involving people from all walks of life. Chung Ying hopes that every audience and participant will find the performances and educational outreach programmes fulfilling and enriching. Throughout the past 45 years, Chung Ying has put on more than 360 mainstage performances and has received 100 accolades from the Hong Kong Drama Awards since its inauguration 30 years ago. Its devotion to cultural exchange means it has made footprints worldwide as it reaps in the abundant harvest from the seeds of art it planted decades ago.

Chung Ying Theatre Company has seen six Artistic Directors since its founding days. Glen Walford emphasised actor training and drama education. Colin George, meanwhile, spearheaded big productions. Bernard Goss had an eye for talent and was devoted to cultural exchange; while Chris Johnson was reputed for expanding actors’ horizons with the power of theory. Ko Tin Lung nourished original local scripts and broke new ground in drama education. These Artistic Directors have all contributed their unique strokes to make Chung Ying the professional and exceptional theatre group it is today.

Current Artistic Director Dominic Cheung Ho Kin picks up the baton and leads Chung Ying to adhere to the traditions values while also forming Ensemble among every member, where they brim with energy and creativity. The cohesion and understanding between members, creative with each other as a harmonious ensemble to realise an artistic ambience unique to Chung Ying’s works and education programmes – all designed to touch the audience’s hearts and souls. Looking into the future, Chung Ying will continuously create extraordinary works whilst giving back to the community and nurturing new talent.

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, Chung Ying Theatre Company debuts a new brand emphasising its ethos. The new red and blue tones are a homage to Chung Ying's history as well as the passing down of culture and tradition; these coloured blocks are abstracts of the Chinese characters of "Chung Ying". Though a seemingly significant change, the meaning behind remains the same as its predecessors: the contact point of the colour blocks signifies a bridge of dialogue with the audiences and with the zeitgeist – a priority that Chung Ying has long held close to hearts. The blank-leaving space in the logo is a Möbius band symbolic of eternity and infinity. The mission of Chung Ying is to create possibilities both within and outside its walls to create an artistic connection with the audience, society, and the infinite world beyond through theatre.